A data-driven Survey platform for schools to meet the Academic, Social and Emotional needs of students.

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A powerful suite of school-based surveys

Surveys To help your students and your school achieve

Understanding is the first step to helping a child succeed.

- Benjamin Raskin, M.S., PPS
School Counselor

How does it work?

An Achievia License gives your school access to all of our research-based surveys


Administer A Survey

Discuss with you school’s administration which Achievia survey to administer, then survey students using the Achievia website.


view student results

Once students complete their survey,  the school counselor can then view student results in the Achievia dashboard and gain valuable insights.


Tailored resources

The Achievia Dashboard  provides meaningful insights, research, tips, and resources helpful to students based on their unique survey results.

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The Achievia Dashboard

Empowering School Counselors To Support Students In A Whole New Way.

Individual Student Results

Once students complete their online survey, Achievia empowers school counselors to view and print individual student reports that include student survey results along with a curated series of research, recommendations and resources specific to that students unique responses. This support and intervention roadmap makes it easier to support every student’s unique needs in a streamlined and resourceful way so that every student can achieve. 

School-wide Results

School counselors can gain valuable insights about how to support their student’s using the Achievia results dashboard. Use this data to inform school-wide interventions that directly relate to the real needs of students, removing the guessing from counseling. Identify trends, group students based on responses, to proactively and resourcefully meet students needs and support their achievement.

School can be a place where all students can achieve.

Take a step towards understanding your students better than you ever imagined.

The Achievia Student Report

Depending on which survey is taken, Achievia provides a comprehensive student report which includes recommendations for school counselors, students and parents based on the unique responses of the student.
Student Information

Students receive customized reports

Results Overview

View an overview of how the student answered to different survey categories

Survey Information

View detailed information regarding survey answers and the included recommendations.

Spanish and english

Achievia reports can be generated in both English and Spanish so all parents can benefit.

For School Leaders

School leaders can contribute to a school's success by encouraging people to try new and innovative ideas and working to build commitment toward a vision that empowers each individual.

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